Workshops & Events

Sashiko Style Mending Workshops & Events in Bellingham, WA

Date Location
July 10-Sashiko Workshop


Aug 11-Embroidery Art Workshop


September 11-Sashiko Workshop Ragfinery


Upcoming Sashiko Style Mending Workshops & Events outside of Bellingham, WA

Date Event Location
August 17 Upcycle Bazaar-CHOMP! Marymoor Park
August 18 
Private Workshop
Seattle, WA
August 24-25 Seattle Design Fest Block Party Seattle, WA
August 25 Sashiko Mending Workshop

Seattle, WA (Cap Hill)     Stitches 

September 14 Sashiko Mending Workshop Seattle, WA  (Madrona)    Jules Boutique 
(206) 384-8200 sign-up
September 21 
Sashiko Workshop (2 sessions)

Denver, CO            Fancy Tiger

October 2019  Details Coming Soon!!! Los Angeles, CA


I am always open to visiting your location for a workshop, near or far! If you are a shop owner, send me an email with the details, and I'll be in touch shortly! (