Welcome to wrenbirdarts! Patterned hankies ship in 1-3 days, and custom embroidery orders ship in 1-2 weeks. Click that button in the corner if you have any questions, and I'll email you back shortly.
Welcome to wrenbirdarts! Patterned hankies ship in 1-3 days, and custom embroidery orders ship in 1-2 weeks. Click that button in the corner if you have any questions, and I'll email you back shortly.
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About Me

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by wrenbirdarts! I'm Erin Eggenburg, sometimes called wrenbird, hence the name of my embroidery business. Here are a few things about me. I like to think I'm kind of a MacGuyver of crafting. Give me an egg carton, a few paper clips and some mod podge, and I can make magic. I have always had a creative brain, though I tried to deny it by being a real estate agent for a stint--where I loved getting to know my clients and their sense of style over encouraging them to make an offer, needless to say, my real estate career didn't last long. I began hand embroidering in 2011, then started this business, and have pieced together a few things about owning a business, and have since sold well over 10,000 hankies. 

Not to humble brag, but wrenbirdarts has been featured in Buzzfeed, HuffPost, Parade Magazine, SeattleMet, and lots and lots of blogs. In 2016, I contributed to a German embroidery book called "Stitch It Yourself". 

In 2016, I also started creating downloadable embroidery patterns and in 2017, embroidery kits and patch making kits. All of my kits and patterns come with full instructions and a materials list. 

If you are just beginning to embroider, or want to learn, head over to my blog for some embroidery projects, tips and stitch tutorials. 

These days you can also find me at Ragfinery, a non-profit in Bellingham, Washington with a mission to keep as many textiles out of the landfills as possible. Recycling, reusing, and buying secondhand is a huge passion of mine, and you will see that throughout my work, particularly in the visible mending projects. Also, hankies. 

I do teach as well. These days, most of my classes are around the art of sashiko stitching, though I do teach an occasional class in upcycling clothing with embroidery. If you are interested in inviting me to teach a class, please email me with the details. I also teach individual mending lessons. 

A true crafter at heart, I'm always coming up with new ideas. If it's a success, you'll find a limited release of my special projects or embroidery hoop art in the "one of a kind" section. 

While most of wrenbirdarts' business comes from the etsy shop, wrenbirdarts.com runs just as smoothly in receiving orders and inquiries right here on our website as it does through Etsy. If you'd like to read the reviews from my customers, please click here.


If you have any questions, email: wrenbirdarts@gmail.com.

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Shop wrenbirdarts in person at these thoughtfully chosen shops:

  • The Handmade Showroom, Seattle, WA
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  • Monster Art and Clothing Seattle (Ballard), WA
  • Ragfinery Bellingham, WA
  • The Pink House Collective Bellingham, WA


I didn't start wrenbirdarts as a hankie business. It started as a jewelry business, then after quitting my jewelry sort-of business, I continued working a "real" job for several years. After leaving Chicago, I couldn't find work, and I had always been creative in my free time.

I started experimenting more with my sewing machine, and making bags and wallets. I sketched out a design and, started an Etsy shop, and worked on wholesaling to local boutiques.  After making countless wallets, which I still have some stowed away in my closet, and spending a fortune on fabric, and still on the job hunt, I bought some embroidery needles, and a little thread.

I embroidered every kitchen towel in my house, and quite a few napkins. I realized that I really liked sketching out my own designs, and I loved embroidering. I wondered if I was onto something. I added a few to my Etsy shop and started getting requests for embroidered handkerchiefs. So, I started embroidering hankies. 

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Want to hear what others are saying?

"I just got my "No Ugly Crying" hankies and Oh! My! Gosh! I LOVE them!!! They're hilarious and adorable and I cannot thank you enough :D The ladies are going to love them and I can't wait to gift them! Thank you again!"   -Courtney
"I ordered a ton of these for my bridesmaids and I, and for the Groom & Mothers & Fathers for our wedding! They turned out so incredibly adorable. The hard part is waiting to give them to my loved ones! Thank you!! <3"   -Emily
"Wow! This turned out beautiful! The embroidered heart and letters are perfect. Using the color chart was perfect. I chose a green heart with gold letters. I am more than pleased. I just found my new hanky shop!"   -Caitlyn 
"These are amazing! i had always wanted to buy the no ugly crying for my sister for my wedding day but decided to add two custom hankies to give to my aunt and mom for my dress appointments. they are unbelievable quality and arrived in a prompt manner. i highly recommend!!!"   -Abby
"This is just like what you see in the picture. It is just so cute. I came to the site to get my dad a handkerchief and couldn't resist getting one for myself. Great quality and adorable embroidery."   -Kim



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